tips to help you - MONTHLY maintenance:  you can do this!


 Do a visual check of the coolant levels in the expansion tank.  The level of solution should stay at about the same level. Do this when the Aqua-Hot system is fully heated. Do not add solution to a cold tank, and do not operate the system (diesel burner) or electric without the water/antifreeze being correct. You could damage your system.   

Aqua-Hot systems are calibrated to operate at around 7500 feet above sea level so keep that in mind. 

Never run your system in an enclosed structure, and for fire safety, keep in mind combustible material around your RV when you park.  


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Hydronic Heating/Aqua-Hot: HeatING with hot water

The benefits are endless hot water, quiet interior heating, uniform distribution of warmth, and engine preheating,  by running on your propane system, diesel system, or by electric.  This innovative heating method combines water heating and your furnace by handling your coach's heating needs (including the bay) out of one system .

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More about the diesel portion of you RV Aqua-Hot system starting sequence, will show you why the yearly system checks are so very important to you.


When the diesel portion of your RV Aqua-Hot system starts it goes into a starting sequence.

The blower motor starts, which starts the fuel pump. The motor runs for about 10 – 20 seconds to allow fuel pressure to build up and stabilize. The fuel solenoid opens (spraying fuel into the burning chamber), the ignition coil starts creating a spark across the electrodes (igniting the fuel that has been sprayed into the burning chamber). There is a very slight delay. The flame sensor/photocell (that is adjacent to the burning chamber) looks for light from the burning diesel fuel.  When the flame sensor/photocell sees light, everything is good and the burner will continue to run. If the photocell DOES NOT see light, the fuel solenoid closes and the `diesel' light next to the switch in your coach goes out. The blower continues to run (purge cycle) for about 2-3 minutes to purge unburned diesel (and heat if the unit has been running). Blower motor shuts down. As you can see, this is a complicated sequence. If ANY component fails to operate properly, the diesel burner will not operate.  This repair and troubleshooting can be difficult. That's where I come in as a Certified Factory Authorized Mobile Technician.  We have the testing equipment that allows us to check out each component involved in the start up sequence separately. We can provide you with Full RV aqua-hot systems, diagnostic and repair. It could be any of the following items that have failed: Fuel pump, solenoid valve, clogged nozzle/filter, ignition coil, coil wires, electrodes, burner motor, flame sensor. On the older (non electronic control board) Aqua-hot system, the high limit thermostat, control thermostat, etc. Please contact me, Lester Ems, for service, when you need diagnostic repair or service. So


We stock a large variety of service and repair parts, so we can accomplish repairs on all models of Hydro Hot System, Aqua Hot System, and Wabasto during our first visit, in almost all case's

Aqua-Hot   Annual Maintenance should be done by a professional.

Annual maintenance is when a Certified Aqua-Hot technician should be used.  It should consists of a complete tune-up and check of the diesel burner and components.This is when a quick look is not what you need!  

Our Service includes:

Replacing  your fuel nozzle and filter.    

Inspecting your fuel lines for wear or weak spots.

The combustion chamber should be checked for cracks and cleaned if needed, along with the flame sensor.

The photo disc should be clean and free of carbon.

Boiler Tank operating temperature, and the hot water temperature should be checked.

The grommets should be checked for hardening or leaks, replaced as needed.

The Swirler should be checked and cleaned if necessary. 

Electrodes should be cleaned and adjusted.

 All of your components should be checked, as well as your system zones.


Your Annual Maintenance should not be a rush job! Its your investment, so get the best:  

Quality work should matter to all of us.